While you may not feel like a Ferrari owner when you get behind the wheel of Thrustmaster’s Ferrari GT, you can at least stare at the logo and dream. In game, the wheel took a bit of fiddling with to feel right. Start with a company with a solid history in controller design. Feb 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Oct 29, The wheel was similarly middle or the road pun intended in GT4 on the PS2.

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Glad to see you made it.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Problem

Less realistic, to be thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1, but it certainly lowers cost. Even more annoying was the fact that the wire that runs from the pedals to the back of the wheel is way, way too short. The wheel was similarly middle thrustmasger the road pun intended in GT4 on the PS2.

I will try it and give feedback. Sidecars Coming May 24th! By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Do you already have an account? Start with a company with a solid history in controller design. When i hold both gear up and down putton and press all the D-pad and realase all thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1 LED start to blink i mean goes red and then turn out and again and thrustmadter. Feb 9, Sadly, Thrustmaster’s utility does not include any sensitivity controls other than vibration feedback. Oct 27, 7.


Thrustmaster – Technical support website

This site uses cookies. Is the final product even equal to the sum of its parts? I can’t set combined pedals in wheel settings. In game, the wheel took a bit of fiddling with to feel right. Oct 27, 5. Getting the Ferrari GT physically situated for play was both easy and difficult. thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1

What was problem if I may ask? Sorry for my bad 3-ib-1. Yes, my password is: Sorry, have been offline until now. Upcoming Races Full Calendar.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2-in-1 Rumble Force Racing Wheel

Oct 27, 3. Oct 27, 4. Driver installation on the PC was simple enough, and the install includes a configuration utility. Vibration feedback worked; however, it was thrusgmaster little weak because the wheel does not draw its own power from the wall. Hi I’m also having thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1 issue with my pedals. Mix in another company with an even more prestigious pedigree of super-car design.


With only degrees of rotation, the Ferrari GT could not quite produce the same immersing experience that the Logitech Driving Force Pro manages in conjunction thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1 GT4, however, for only a third of the price the Thrustmater wheel did its job well. Oct 28, 9. Feb 8, I think the problem was this when i intalled ruumble wheel is on ps3 but when i put it on pc and re-installed drivers it came up. I am not sure that i installed manually all drivers Can you show me the right way to install drivers?

But yeah my switch is on PC. Making use of rubberized feet instead of plastic teeth, the pedals were not really as deeply entrenched in my rug as Thrustmaster fgt rumble 3-in-1 might have liked.