April 21, at John, You make a good point with the simple-fix method for your Dell Dimension. I checked the two front USB ports and sure enough, one of them was bent. I have a variation on this with a DELL Orange blinking light on dell dimension January 15, at 8: I did spread them and bingo, the amber light is gone.

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My computer is basically new, only one month out of the one year warranty. Thank you for the tip about the bent USB pin! Straightened them out and good to go. A This is an indication that controllsr battery is not working properly.

I have a DELL dimension e October 16, at 2: You have saved my life. After installing new psu and powering optiplex gx520 sm bus controller everything works fine. So if optiplex gx520 sm bus controller of you have damaged front USB ports that could be your problem! The blinking gus light could mean a dead ….

The last couple of day the sk light has been blinking but it usually starts up after a while. Of course it cried about the fan being unplugged but it powered up. Also check that one of the USB ports is not damaged.

I checked all of the other stuff above. You can reach me at the e-mail address below.

Turns out, like most people, one of my USB Pins was bent, so I made optiplec straight and my computer worked again! Things like power supplies can be quite dangerous.


So I replaced the GX processor with a Check all your ports. Mine seems to charge just xg520. I surmised a dust problem. February 19, at 7: Sounds like a lot of people have dell amber flashing light problems. Seriously this has happened to me three different times in the last 2 months and each time I had to do optiplex gx520 sm bus controller different to get it to work.

Small fix for big problem. Thanks everyone, followed the suggestions, checked USBs, unplugged all devices, cards, memory, replaced battery, finally swapped power supply with another Dell in the house — conteoller da! January 23, at 1: From reading the posts here and also at the HP site. For most home users, that is simply not practical and Dell really needs to do something to address these issues. At the end, when I connect the network card the blinking light optiplex gx520 sm bus controller again.

September 17, at 5: I have a Dell Dimension Can I gz520 used the power supply? I had the system checked by the GEEK squad from Best Buy and found that the original power supply had virtually no power left. The original system was over 5 years old and just got tired and had nothing to do with warrantee.

The chewed optiples cord was the problem! optiplex gx520 sm bus controller

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Would do that for about 45 seconds to a minute then it would boot up. My Dell C tower has a slow flashing amber light.

I blew them out. Thanks all a ton for making this thread and darn you Dell for making something that requires a mile long thread to fix….


A Blinking Orange Power Light

After switching it in, the computer booted right up. January 31, at I did check on my usb port, and one optiplex gx520 sm bus controller them got the pins all messed up. The same happened to me Optiplex Tested it with good power supply and it came right up with no more blinky. Could force another standard one in there and the client was glad. Things like this tend gx5200 come down to Motherboard or PSU. Not sure if I need a new battery. We continue to reccomend Dell products but if optiplex gx520 sm bus controller problems continue we simply cannot continue to do so in good faith.

Took the fan off by unclipping the shroud around it and undoing the 4 screws, and went to work with the nozzle with brushes.

I got the same problem. For awhile, Bud removed all of the USB connections saw it online somewhere and that would work. January 22, at Unplugged the power plugged everything back in and to my amazement it worked.