Better burn then turn choose your allies. La la la la la la oh! Time to enlist the oath of the abyss [2x] Take the oath, the oath of the abyss Take the oath, it’s time to enlist! It puts men down in their coffins early! I drank till the waters turned whiskey rye, I drank till the waters run dry!

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You sold me out I sold myself in, I picked up the claw! But you’re living a lie, and I’m… a non-believer!

Sail with me into the dark Sail! You’ll change, rearrange, you’ll try. Keep the flame, earn your name. Don’t be the one to come knocking at my door, Hell no, I won’t pick you up off the floor! Hunting Refrain All you heard was the cry of the crone. Gutted Take it back, you better take it back! You’ll get what’s owed to you! Now you criticize, all bets are off. Do you have my eyes on fire on you!


Dealer, dealer, dealer, dealer, dealer Dealer of destruction The Shogun of sorrow The merchant of doom Accomplice to anyone [Pre-Chorus: The carnage held but just ourselves Alongside rode immortality… You tend to choose your poison, Here I lie when it promised me death on my last breath!

DevilDriver – Ruthless Lyrics

There’s fear the end could come too soon Pale as a ghost. Desperate times Call for desperate measures.

Staring down straight conviction! Back Down To The Grave.

DevilDriver – Ruthless Lyrics | SongMeanings

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. It puts men down in their coffins early! Live for the day… No one ruthlees tomorrow anyway… Gotta keep the dogs at bay!

So vicious is your gaze.

Don’t come here with blood in your filthy mouth, I wasn’t there when the deal went south! Under the guise, in the name of Luna Tried to persuade me that all of my troubles were blessings, And tried to persuade me that all of my blessings were trouble. Distance and time, there’s a canyon so wide, I’m watching you die on the vine it’s true!


To avoid the dark What did I fall into? You dealt me out, I dealt myself in! Keep this in mind, While you’re waiting for next time, There’s frost on the sill So now winter kills! All the dreams of youth, the regrets of maturity, All the angels wept, at the loss of eternity, Eternity! Full of the evening!

DEVILDRIVER : Ruthless lyrics

You’re digging up the corpses, digging up graves! Keep the dogs at bay! Fucking Farewell Rtuhless is war. Covered up your past. Despite the odds Left for dead Face in the mud Fuck you I’m ruthless!

Go ahead build it off my back it’s a fact!