On top of a high quality product, DViCO also included a small and simple remote control that works perfectly with the Nano. High resolution picture qualities with crisp, crystal clear pictures will be displayed on your PC. The remote isn’t anything new or groundbreaking but it is good to see it included in the package. For those who’ve used this device, how good is the reception without an external antenae plugged in?? It’s best to use an external Digital Ready antenna but in some areas you may be able to get reception from an indoor antenna. When recording the world cup I would leave it running all night with the recording starting and stopping at the correct time, and it worked every time. I tried updating the driver etc etc!

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Would be really great to have support for my laptop. I got one of these the other day off ebay, shipping with a CD with v3. Playing back your recordings isn’t as easy as it could have been, but once you know where to look for your files choosing which to play back is a breeze.

Only SBS channel is not auto detected, but I am using roof main antenna, which may be the reason such antennas sometimes filter the signal. We think iot is because of hardware. How to apply color correction using the Gradie They are tiny compared to the other external units available.


Will try next week with indoor UHF antenna.

Multi-function Remote Control Not only does it provide perfect control of all HDTV functions you will also be able to control Windows MCE and many other application programs with this multifunctional remote control. I’m interested in getting one too I went and bought a dick smith antenna that covered the full TV range- still no signal strength.

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And it seemed to depend on the weather, and I had to have the aerial near the window. You’d better exchange your product to the place you bought it.

Any progress on getting them to work?

The product is detected by my laptop no problems, but, no matter evb-t reception source, rabbit ears or roof top jobbie, I get zero dB signal strength and no channels detected!

I noticed that the SATA drive comes up in the dialogue that u use to stop a usb device before unplugging it- could it be clashing with the TV tuner? Antenna cords are quite heavy, they could easily put stress on that little thing and maybe even rip it out of the usb socket.

I brought Nano to distributor for testing and it worked for them. Hi guys, I just bought this product, the nano, and I fear mine may be dead out of the box!?!


The blue light stays on during operation. When asked this, he says “well thats what u have to do. It stopped working mysteriously, seemingly if I bumped the unit in the USB socket. Mine worked straight out of the box. fuaionhdtv

Windows 7 now supported! Did this not happen??

DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T nano – VideoHelp Capture Card

Would you buy this? The device is accompanied by PC software which includes all the drivers needed to run the tuner. So fusionhstv I havent heard from anyone who has actually solved this. And I’m quite relieved I decided to hold off on buying one. Also it didn’t work out of the box with the supplied drivers v3.

Snapshot-type screen captures can be captured without having to input file names every time.

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Clear picture quality is even provided on LCD and low dvb-tt monitors so enjoy the excellent picture quality for yourself, today! Special features for having more control over what you want to watch and how you want to watch. Should I try a third one?