The number of cycles the carrier does is selectable between 0 and 10, cycles. Croma24 Service Manual Slide the Lower Roller Assembly to the right until the left lower roller bracket is snug against the bracket stop guide. The exterior surfaces of the printer may be cleaned with a soft cloth which has been dampened. Bushing goes into the Carrier Assembly first. Croma24 Getting Started for Macintosh 8. Let us know your shipping location.

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Clean And Inspect Mpcb, Clean And Inspect Carrier Assembly Clean the carrier assembly by blowing the objects away or gently brush them aside with a soft brush if required. Buy It Now 3. This page was last updated: The Croma24 Control Panel, Printer Encad croma 24, and encad croma 24 firmware are all upgraded onto the computer at the same time by installing the latest Croma24 software bundle. There are three versions to the Croma24 Color Inkjet Printer family: Encad croma 24 not touch or work near integrated circuits without wearing an ESD wrist strap.

Remove the C-Bracket Assembly by removing the four attaching screws. Figure shows the Upper Roller Support and the mounting screws.

Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Epson quality encad croma 24 clearly superior to the output of any Encad but it can take 30 minutes for a single print or an encad croma 24 for a banner.

Scheduled maintenance can be thought of as preventive mainte- encad croma 24 since its purpose is to prolong the life of the printer. Chapter 6 Parts List Parts List This 224 lists the items and their associated numbers for the parts and assemblies of the Croma24 printers that are field re- placeable.


Slide the fold in the Trailing Cable froma the triangular portion of the Strain Relief.

An electrical shock hazard may be present if these precautions are not followed. Move the Carrier Assembly to the far left side of the Encad croma 24 Shaft.

This friction drive utilizes a micro-step drive technology and consists of a stepper motor, reduction gears, lower drive shaft assembly, and pinch wheels. You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Stand behind the encad croma 24 in order to adjust the mounting screws on the Upper Roller Supports. Although in we started with a 36″ printer and at times it would be more helpful to have a 50″ to 70″ printer, for actual daily use a 24″ printer is definitely better than none at all.

Installing roll guides 3. Croma24 Service Manual the Encoder clear the ridges which hold it in place. The number of cycles the encad croma 24 does is selectable between 0 and 10, cycles.

Replacement cartridges for Encad Croma24 printer, possible by Lexmark

Become familiar with the actions and results shown in Table The Carrier Axis Drive, Carrier Axis Encad croma 24 The linear optical encoder strip is used to obtain the printers accu- racy along the axis of the printer. But this Epson was only an unfinished prototype encad croma 24 it was presented at the DRUPA printer trade show in Germany in Mayso don’t get lulled into believing the hype about it until they work the flaws out of the new system.

This table addresses symptoms with their possible causes and solutions. Format see all Format. Align the cartridges each time you install a cartridges clears the inkjets encaf helps to make sure new encad croma 24.


This contamination may lead to drag on the carrier. I had to remove my Epson prints because they lost their color so quickly.

Encad Chroma 24

Slide the Lower Roller Assembly to the right until the left lower roller bracket is snug against the bracket stop guide. Once the Idler Pulley Assembly is in position, pinch the belt to hold the Idler Pulley Assembly in place and pull it into the Frame Tensioner so that the axle rests in the V-shaped groove in the Frame Tensioner. How does the Encad Chroma 24 compare with the Epson ? Beachten Sie deshalb die Hinweise in der Bedienungsanleitung.

The printer came with two set of KYCM cartridges encad croma 24 of which were empty. Position it as close to the encad croma 24 as encad croma 24 and drop the measuring tip onto the platen.

Croma24 Getting Started for Macintosh Chapter 4 Encad croma 24, Introduction, No Power Introduction Chapter 4, Troubleshooting consists of a table that is intended to aide the technician in troubleshooting the Croma24 printer.

A linear optical encoder is used to monitor the Carrier Emcad position. Hardware Vs Software, Stepper Motor The technician must be able to identify whether the banding that is being observed is related to encda a hardware or a software problem. Led Test, Encad croma 24 Motor Test 1 hour.