While the drive isn’t particularly fast, it’s snappy enough for the tasks at hand, and it’s user-upgradeable through a slot on the bottom of the unit. What the Box is good for is word processing, Web browsing, viewing photos, and listening to music and watching videos. The result is a PC that’s superficially similar to its laptop cousin, but differs from it in several key respects. Under power adapter will decrease laptop performance, cause adapter ov We always make an effort to keep it upto date. But it’s actually the other way around: The simple intuitive interface lets inexperienced users get started right away.

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I expected a 1. The Box isn’t ideal as a media centre, because it only has a DVI output. This product is good for the following Models and Part.

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Or the item simply does not work. Intel’s old GMA integrated chip powers the graphics, Windows XP comes as standard – running without a hitch during our testing – and you get the same draft-n wireless.

We obtained a reading of around 20 Watts while the unit asus eee box b202 being used to surf the Web; while switched off, but still connected to the outlet, it consumed 1. With the option to browse the web, play with photos, asus eee box b202 and use Skype, all without booting XP, the primary functions of a so-called “net-top” can be accessed in under 30 seconds – you may not need Windows at all. The Eeebox PC is so easy to use. With each tick, your mind falls closer to openness Use fire protection glue paper and silica gel for safety features.


Intel Z Motherboard Round-Up: OnePlus counts to 6 with its latest handset. With its supplied stand, we think the Box definitely looks good enough to reside asus eee box b202 a lounge room.

Plus, it’s so easy to use. Each menu and boxx was in an understandable order and category. Its configuration allows it to handle most office applications easily, and it will even supply enough grunt for some basic photo editing to be undertaken; however, it doesn’t have enough power to be effectively used for encoding files such as MP3s.

ASUS Officially Unveils Eee Box B

It tiptoed through our 2D benchmarks with a score of 0. Many of the ideas the Eee PC was built around also apply to desktops, so it stands to reason a similar bare-essentials approach could be just as effective in a small form factor PC. But it’s actually the other way around: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Asus also mentioned that users should be able to upgrade the memory by popping off one of the unit’s side panels with a putty knife, and that won’t void the device’s warranty.

Other see details Time left: When you asus eee box b202 the price into the equation it all gets asus eee box b202 bit more muddled.


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Our system came configured with 1GB of DDR system memory, though higher densities, as well as MB configurations, will be available too. Curiously, despite the presence of a pair of MB DIMMs in the asus eee box b202, a visit to Everest notes that the memory is running on a single channel.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Eeee Review: We’ll have more detail on this later but you’ll note that the processor asus eee box b202 clocked at a healthy 1.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. But connect the Eee Box to a asus eee box b202 monitor, even a small 17in or 19in one, and you inevitably start trying to use it as you would a normal PC – open several apps at once and you’ll very quickly h202 the Atom grinds to an unsatisfying halt.

T-Power ac adapters are made with the highest quality materials.

We find ourselves in the company of Asus’ latest tiny computer, the Eee Box, which is aimed specifically at people who, for some deeply asus eee box b202 reason, hate normal-sized things. Subscribe to HH News Alerts! For Lovely design Really tiny.