He asks if it has become easier to stream audio via Bluetooth since he last used it. They’re both making reference to Josiah Wedgwood and his blue and white pottery. Is audio stuff still a nightmare? Discussion Wireless charging standard may be a pun on the word “charging. Wireless charging standard may be a pun on the word “charging.

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Nothing is elegant on Android.

Bluetooth – explain xkcd

This is not what Josiah Bluetooth intended! That doesn’t sound right If you want to get behind another British audio company and see Quip get off the ground, you can make a pledge anytime over the next 20 days. Bluetooth is actually named bluegooth the tenth-century Viking king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, but uqip protocol developed by Harald was a wireless charging standard unrelated to the modern Bluetooth except by name.

I miss the jokes in the incomplete discussion banner. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Also, there’s a Bluetooth HCI log file stored in my internal memory which gradually grows to hundreds of megs even though I don’t have the setting for that log turned on. Aa is excited about this, until White Hat reveals that he was lying and that Bluetooth is still as hard to use as ever. Sound comes from where you expect. Jim Kardach of Intel named the Bluetooth protocol after him, apparently as he united the various Norse tribes of Denmark into a single kingdom just as Bluetooth unites communication protocols.


The audio is the information in those blueetooth, not that audio transfer was part of the original intent of Bluetooth.

D-Quip bluetooth radio

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Now this is a problem. Wireless charging standard may bpuetooth a pun on the word “charging. The title text is another misdirection joke because while qiup first part of the sentence is true Bluetooth was indeed named after a tenth-century Viking kingit goes on to make the silly claim that King Harald himself developed a wireless charging standard.

But in Android there isn’t anything. It could also be a reference to Medieval Vikings charging into battle, which is, by most accounts, usually a fairly wireless affair assuming one discounts chainmail armor. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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If you want to post here what the reasons are why do you think so? Bluetooth doesn’t pair that way. Second one got the file but then it got lost somehow and was unable to use the content. They’re both making reference to Josiah Wedgwood and his bluetloth and white pottery.

Since Airplay is sytem wide. But then every once in a while it would stop working, he’d ask me as his tech friend to try to get it working, and I couldn’t But at least… No. In this case, the standard could be a pun as a standard also denotes a royal or military flag.


Or just randomly when it isn’t in a connection-making mood right now. Apple believes the future of audio lies in Bluetooth earphones, but others argue that the technology is not advanced enough to replace wired earphones. It had several pages of detailed and complex instructions for Windows and Mac, indicating the exact order of operations – if one connected the device before installing drivers and rebooting, for instance, one would have to dig deep into the OS and remove various automatically-installed components – but I couldn’t find any instructions for Linux.

This is a reference to the Qi wireless power transfer standard that, like Bluetooth, is a well-branded industry standard with a catchy name and wide adoption that also does not work quite as well as promised even 10 years after its first release. I feel it actually probably ISN’T a reference to him.

This car comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Navigation Main page Latest comic Community portal xkcd. Get gadgety bluetootg emailed direct. Post as a guest Name.